The Project

The idea behind PECOS4SMEs is the implementation of a personalised training system for SMEs to improve their e-Commerce skills... Learn More


Personalised Training Optimised for SMEs A training approach geared towards the specific needs of SMEs depending on their economic sector, leveled and aimed at both online newcomers as well as SMEs ... Learn More


Lower Costs
Today, more than ever before, it is of outmost importance to be utilise technology for cutting costs. This cost reduction can become a competitive advantage if ... Learn More


Boost cross-border e-Commerce with PECOS4SMEs - A complete training programme for SMEs to penetrate foreign markets... Learn More





Launch of the Payvision App!

The PAYVISION app features the PECOS4SMEs videos 'shared ecommerce stories', and all Payvision research for the CBEC are available in one convenient location within this app. Explore this app here.

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"Visit our training platform here and explore new e-Commerce potential for free! Also click here to watch our interactive lesson and learn how you can use the platform in order to benefit from it."



Click here to download an interactive game about SEO/SEM techniques! Play and learn at the same time! 

European Overview

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